Our People

Our people are our greatest assets

The secret of the Even Group’s success is the commitment of our team members to maintaining the highest degree of efficiency in every aspect of our operations, and to delivering the ultimate degree of customer satisfaction. This is made possible by our philosophy of regarding our people as our most important assets.

All our senior executives have tremendous expertise in their respective fields; and every sales representative and technical staff member working under their leadership has relevant professional qualifications and is well trained for their role in the company. In addition, we provide opportunities for our people to increase their business and technical knowledge on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, we encourage, reward and promote employees who show outstanding initiative and achieve outstanding results in helping us to realise our corporate philosophy.

Finally, our entire team is supported by state-of-the-art technology, including an IT system to handle on-line orders, and to track and provide information about them. This allows us to scrutinise every detail of every order, and follow it through to provide both pre-sales and after-sales service.

Hong Kong Headquarters

Unit 1705, 17/F Win Plaza,

9-11 Sheung Hei Street,

San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2633 2309

Fax:(852) 2687 5575

Guangzhou Office

Rm. 1703, 445  Dongfengzhong Road

(Yuexiu City Plaza North Tower)
Guangzhou, China. 510045

Tel:(8620) 8356 6726

Fax:(8620) 8355 7703

Shanghai Office

Rm. 1509, Zhong Huang Building,

No. 1007 Zhong  Shan Nan Er Road,
Shanghai, China. 200030

Tel:(8621) 6457 0569

Fax:(8621) 5410 7369