Agency Products

Delivering the world’s finest and most-advanced products to China
Even is proud to represent the world’s foremost chemical material manufacturers. They include Tronox of the USA; Asahi Carbon of Japan; Faci of Italy; BASF, Eckart and Evonik of Germany. The products include TiO2, carbon black pigment, PE wax, wax emulsion, PVC heat stabilizers, aluminium silicates and metal stearates.

The unfailing reliability of all the brands we distribute is highly esteemed by our customers, who know they guarantee the best quality. Furthermore, our close business relationships with all the big names puts us in a position where we can support our clients by passing on the latest news about markets, products and advanced new technologies to them. We do this via news updates, emails, training sessions, seminars and organising factory visits.

Hong Kong Headquarters

Unit 1705, 17/F Win Plaza,

9-11 Sheung Hei Street,

San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2633 2309

Fax:(852) 2687 5575

Guangzhou Office

Rm. 1703, 445  Dongfengzhong Road

(Yuexiu City Plaza North Tower)
Guangzhou, China. 510045

Tel:(8620) 8356 6726

Fax:(8620) 8355 7703

Shanghai Office

Rm. 1509, Zhong Huang Building,

No. 1007 Zhong  Shan Nan Er Road,
Shanghai, China. 200030

Tel:(8621) 6457 0569

Fax:(8621) 5410 7369